I think small.

"There is no wealth but life."
-John Ruskin
"We reject the idea that only the rich can afford good art."
-the Micromentalist Manifesto

My maternal grandparents were both into the arts & crafts movement, so they encouraged me to draw and design from an early age. I have since earned a couple of fine art degrees, but it's the lessons from my grandparents that endure.

Micromentalists* believe that art should be small and easily acquired by regular folks, as opposed to monumental and exclusive. We keep the cost down by keeping the work intimate in size. That way, you can have a little accent in a corner of a room or big drama made up of many smaller pieces acquired over time.

Beauty is in the details. It's where the quirky, informal qualities of your design personality reside. I am honored to be a small piece in the puzzle of making your space uniquely your own.

*For more on the founder of the Micromentalists, Patrick Welch: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_W._Welch